For that example we used Samsung Smart TV 2015.
Use your credentials for Smart TV App.

  1. Open App
  2. Press Enter/OK to open keyboard in the Email field
  3. Enter Email and Password
  4. Press ‘Sign In’ to login
  5. Portal page with service icons should appear



  1. andrey motsny

    Every time i turn on smart tv application I have to login typing name and password.Is it possible to save my info ,so,I dont have do that few times a day? it is annoying to type using remote

  2. Aleksei Lonesov

    PLEASE update the app so that it saves our login information. It’s really irritating to have to enter every time, and even worse that we can’t even use the regular keyboard. It takes my grandma about 10 minutes to enter my whole email address and password! Просто невыносимо

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