To install Android TV application on an Android box you should complete the following steps:

1. Enable Unknown Sources

On your Android TV box open Settings, in Settings choose Personal (Security & Restrictions) section. In Personal enter Security & restrictions.

Make sure the option Unknown sources is on (it is off by default). This will allow you to install Android applications (APK files) outside of the Google Play Market.

Depending on the box model, the Settings screens also can look like that:

2. Set up a file manager

To manage APK files you need a file manager for your Android box. If you do not have one by default, you should install it. The most popular one is ES File Explorer. You can download it from the Google Play Store, or other app stores that comes with your device. Once you install the file manager, open it up just to make sure that there aren’t any additional setup steps.

3. Install the application:

  1. Turn ON TV and the Android box, waiting when the system is loaded.
  2. Open Browser
  3. Go to (the link is case-sensitive)
  4. Click on the Direct Download button
  5. Choose the application for downloading (ES Downloader)
  6. The application is started to download
  7. In the opened window select Open file
    If you cannot download the file using the web browser, you can connect the TV box directly to your PC using a micro-USB or full-size USB cable. Your PC will recognize the TV box as any other external device like a flash drive or external hard drive. You’ll be able to navigate through the directory and put the application APK in the Download folder or any other folder that you have created for that purpose.
  8. Then select Install
  9. Click on the Install button on the myRTVC app installing page
  10. myRTVC app is installing.
  11. When the app installed, click Open

The app is installed and the Login page has appeared on the screen. For future use please enter the credentials to your account which was registered before on the website https://russiantvс .

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