Dune HD box got IP address, but do not connect to the Internet, because the Internet Service Provider’s DNS does not respond.
In such a case the DNS server has to be changed to Google DNS:

Follow the steps below to change the DNS:

1.Press POP UP MENU on the remote, select Setup and press ENTER.

2. Select NETWORK icon

3. Depending on the way the DUNE is connected to the Internet, select WiFi or WIRED and press ENTER

4. Go down to second line “MODE:” , press Enter and Select Automatic (DHCP), Manual DNS and press ENTER

5. Go down to third line “TCP/IP settings” and press Enter

6. Select DNS server 1
You can see 4 small windows. (Enter number 8 in each window. In order to do this press “8”, then “right” button, then “8” … on the remote control). Should be –
8. Select
DNS server 2 and enter
9. Press
10. Select “Apply” and press ENTER

Now you can see date and time in the right corner.  That means the box have an Internet.

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