If freezes are on the client side, do the following:

  1. Restart router.
  2. Alfa. Restart the box.
  3. Dune. Restart the box. Reload the connector. Clear the cache.
  4. Connection:
    • Wi-Fi connection. If possible – try a wired connection. If not possible: disconnect all wireless devices and try again. Check Wi-Fi adapter on PC.
    • Wired. Check connection “box – router” and “router – internet”. Use proper ports: WAN (usually blue) – for Internet, LAN (usually yellow and numbered 1-2-3-4)- for the box. Check with other cables.
  5. Check the network status on https://downdetector.com/. The location of the customer can be found by IP.
  6. Check real internet speed on https://www.speedtest.net
  7. Ping server for example. Check latency and stability, packet loss.
    In command promt execute ping
    For additional info about ping, latency, packets read the article.
  8. Check tracert on for example.
    In command promt execute tracert
  9. Post both ping and tracert results to the ticket.
  10. Timeshift 0 – Live broadcast. All other TS – archives. Always check channels with Timeshift: 0.

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